Card bags.  Click for larger images. Graded card bags.Bags containing cards.Bags with full size display windows.Bags with full size display windows containing cards.Both kinds of windows side-by-side.Rear view of bags, opened.Rear view of bags, closed.

Graded Card Bags


# of Bags Price per bag Shipping cost
25 $3.00 FREE
50 $2.75 FREE
100 $2.50 FREE
200 $2.00 FREE

Minimum order: 25 bags

Maximum order: 200 bags

A high-quality storage bag worthy of your valuable graded card! Carefully designed to ensure bags are functional for all major slabs (PSA, SGC, GAI, and BVG). The large window design is the first of its kind and offers full-view of the graded card.


A rugged dark grey vinyl outer material with the look and feel of a stiff leather. The light grey inner surface is a soft felt. The stitching is dark grey and the window is made of a clear plastic. The logo is embossed on the lower back of each bag.


Bags are assembled one at a time and designed to hold their shape over time. All materials are laser cut to ensure size uniformity and stitching is performed by hand to ensure a high-quality look.


In the near future we will be able to offer customizable color and logo for large orders. Please contact us at to discuss specifics.