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Graded Card Case


# of Cases Price per case Introductory pricing Shipping cost
1-2 $129.00 $99.00 FREE
3 $119.00 $94.00 FREE
4 $109.00 $89.00 FREE

Minimum order: 1 case

Maximum order: 4 cases


High density foam is carefully sized to secure graded cards when the lid is closed. This means that partially filled card rows will stay in place during transit.


As collectors, we often collect cards of all sizes and shapes from multiple grading companies (which each have their own case size). The Card Case Pro has movable dividers which can be spaced at 0.5? intervals to accommodate your graded and non-graded collection.

Hinges and Handles

Rugged, high quality components are used at every location. The lid hinges are firmly aligned and reliably hold the case lid open at a 90? angle. The handles on the box sides are equally sturdy and rated to lift over 100lbs!

Close close up view
Card Case Pro - enlarged image